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Bling Dog Collars

A Bling Bling Dog Collar for the next walk in the park  PET PRODUCTS Bling Rhinestone Dog Collars, Bling your Pets Dog Collar, Sparkly Rhinestone Studded Small Medium Dog Collar Pet Products for Your Dogs Variable Colors: RED, PINK, BLACK, LIGHT BLUE Material: Rhinestone  Size: S, M, L, XL Adjustable Range  S - to 14 inches long M - to 16.5 inches long L - to 20 inches long XL - to 22 inches long PET ID TAG DOG and CAT PERSONALIZED


 EAGLE DEFENSE PRODUCTS MANTLE CLOCK COLOR HIDDEN CAMERA DVR  MANTLE CLOCK COLOR HIDDEN CAMERA DVR No one will ever be able to detect this color hidden camera disguised as an  ordinary looking Mantle Clock. The built-in DVR and rechargeable Li-ion batteries let you record without the need  for external power or recording device. The battery life for this system is up to 10 hours. The battery can be  easily swapped out with a fully charged battery. Extra batteries sold separately. The battery also has an  on/off switch to save power consumption when the camera is not in use. Place this camera on a shelf or table in your home  or office and monitor all activity.  This hidden camera features motion-activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected. With motion-activation,  you won’t have to fast forward through hours of uneventful footage. Also has Detection Area Masking; which means if you  have a dog and don’t want it to set off the motion detector, you can