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Child Safety Video Alert

Have you ever experienced the terror of  losing or god forbade a kidnapping of your child! The gut-wrenching feeling; turning around on a busy street and finding that your child is, nowhere in sight.  Eagle Defense Products KEY-CHAIN ALARM WITH LED LIGHT :  This alarm emits an “ear-piercing” blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Its high-pitched shriek can be heard up to 1/4 mile away.  This product is great for Kids, Teens, and Moms when activated the sound draws attention quickly causing your attacker to run away. KEY-CHAIN MINI PERSONAL ALARM WITH LED LIGHT, 120 dB ALERT KEY-CHAIN ALARM WITH LED LIGHT, 130 dB ALERT Thank you to Pretty Loaded for providing this video.

Jogging or Running Safety Tips

Walking, Jogging, or Running Safeguards  Walking, Jogging, or Running alone may increase your chance of being assaulted. Watch this video to find out how to stay safe. Eagle Defense  Always carry protection when jogging! Ideal for sports and outdoor activities such as running or hiking. You can carry it on your key-chain, fasten it with the belt clip or have it in hand with the Velcro-like strap.  18-gram unit 8-12 ft range.  Thanks to Pretty Loaded for providing this video.